What makes the Airwheel smart rideable suitcases so popular?

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Abstract: Airwheel has launched a variety of intelligent riding luggages and there are boarding suitcases SE3miniT and SE3S, SE3T with a large capacity of 46L, as well as SQ3 designed for 3-6 years old children.

Airwheel Smart suitcase


Airwheel suitcases’ innovative features and precise control provide a viable option for an intelligent and free journey, effectively meeting the needs of modern travelers. its innovative "riding" function caters to the needs of contemporary travelers. Even if high-speed rail, airplanes have been fast and convenient enough, but still can not cover all the journey.  With Airwheel smart luggage, everything will be completely revolutionized! It is equipped with a strong motor wheel, can be driven by electricity to move, carrying the user to faster than walking speed, energy-saving and efficient. As a journey to fill the "last mile" of the traffic gap, it fundamentally solves the feeling of travel fatigue, making the modern journey more technological and convenient.

Airwheel Smart suitcase


Airwheel mini suitcase scooters also provide users with an easy-to-use, good operating experience. In the development stage, it has considered the user's daily habits as far as possible, the simpler the better. Its intelligent riding handle only has a left and right handle to control, the right handle to control the acceleration, the left handle to control the brake, first press the left side and then the right side which can reverse. The operation is simple and clear, anyone can quickly get started.

Airwheel Smart suitcase


Airwheel riding luggage also adopts the design of modular lithium battery. When taking a flight, as its lithium battery is modular and removable, the security process only needs to remove the lithium battery, you can pass smoothly. If you have higher requirements for the range, you can prepare a spare lithium battery. It can be said that, because of this design, Airwheel intelligent riding box range of application has been greatly enhanced.

Strength and durability is also an important basis for Airwheel intelligent riding suitcase. Airwheel intelligent riding luggage’s shell adopts ABS + PC composite material, and also reinforced with a patented box frame, with the choice of 6 series of high-grade aluminum alloy application of one-piece molding technology , load weight up to 110kg.

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