Get to Your Gate Faster and Travel Easier With Airwheel Rideable Boarding Suitcases (Chapter 2)

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Abstract: Thanks to its unique design, we can switch effortlessly between scooter mode and suitcase mode, for when your surroundings are too crowded to ride around, or wheeling it normally is just easier.

Airwheel SE3S electric suitcase

We’ve discussed the riding function of the Airwheel SE3S and today we will continue to talk about the control, as many worry about the difficulty. Steering might be one of the most important features to consider, especially if you’re traveling through a crowded train station or airport. Airwheel SE3S has adopted a patented handle, which follows the principle of minimalism. There are only left and right handle, with the  right handle to accelerate, the left handle to brake and press both to reverse. Anyone can sit on and go.

Airwheel SE3S electric suitcase

In addition to the "last mile" of the journey, the journey is also plagued by charging problems, so Airwheel SE3S scooter suitcases also provide a solution. It is designed to expand the outside of the case two sets of USB high-performance charging port.  If the phone, tablet, Bluetooth headset and other types of portable electronic devices are low on power, just connect the data cable, you can charge directly, which is very convenient.

Airwheel SE3S electric suitcase

As a luggage, Airwheel SE3S suitcase is not only smart, but also boarding. If you choose to take a flight during the journey, you can also carry-on boarding. Its volume is 550×360×240mm, which is a 20-inch boarding case in line with international standards, so it can be carried on board directly when taking a flight, no need to check in. The lithium battery is used to drive the work of the luggage, its battery is in modular pluggable structure design, and 73.26WH battery capacity is in line with the relevant standards of passage. The battery can be disassembled before the security check, so you can pass smoothly. The case lock is selected from the global TSA customs lock, which can avoid violence to open the inspection and ensure a worry-free journey.

The Airwheel SE3S rideable luggage is the perfect solution for anyone looking to make their travels more efficient and stress-free, thanks to its innovative design, advanced technology, and range of smart features. 

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