5 reasons for you to choose Airwheel SE3S mini scooter suitcase(Chapter 1)

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Abstract: As more and more celebrities, athletes and other famous persons choose Airwheel SE3S scooter luggage for their travels, more and more people are beginning to know that the original luggage can be used not only for storage but also for riding for transportation. 


Airwheel Se3S rideabled luggage


Reason 1: Ride to go

During the journey, although high-speed trains, planes and cars can cover most of the distance, there are still some distances that need to be finished by legs, which is the main source of journey fatigue. In order to solve this problem, Airwheel SE3S riding suitcase is equipped with a strong brushless motor wheel, driven by electrical energy, can carry the user to move efficiently at a speed of 13km/h, both labor-saving and easy, but also efficient and time-saving. And, for safety reasons, it also has multiple speed gears, and you can also choose a medium speed gear with a speed of 9km/h, or a low speed gear with a speed of 6km/h, which is closer to the walking speed and can meet the needs of mobility in different situations.


Airwheel Se3S rideabled luggage


Reason 2: Easy operation

Airwheel SE3S is equipped with strong motor wheels, intelligent riding handle, just need to press the telescopic switch, the box will automatically switch to riding mode, to help users move on behalf of. When the suitcase has more riding options like this, even if the airport or high-speed railway station is big, it can easily and efficiently cope with the needs of ticketing and formalities, making the journey less frenetic and more enjoyable. The riding speed can reach 13km/h, which is faster compared to the regular walking speed, which means that Airwheel SE3S intelligent riding luggage is more efficient while making the journey more labor-saving, and can save more time for playing and relaxing.


Airwheel Se3S rideabled luggage


Reason 3: Charge anytime and anywhere

Airwheel SE3S scooter luggage also has an expanded design with dual USB charging ports on the outside of the case. During the journey, once the battery level of cell phones, Bluetooth headsets and other portable electronic devices is too low, you can directly connect the data cable and charge them through the Airwheel SE3S, which is like a reliable charging station that can always ensure the user's battery level is worry-free during the journey.

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