5 reasons for you to choose Airwheel SE3S mini scooter suitcase(Chapter 2).

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Abstract: All along, the introduction of this highly popular intelligent luggage, Airwheel SE3S, has focused on its "rideability" and the many conveniences it can bring to the journey. Here, let's dig deeper into all aspects of Airwheel SE3S intelligent riding luggage, and further understand what are the outstanding features of this new star in the luggage world.


Airwheel Se3S rideabled luggage


Reason 4:

Because we need to take a flight for a trip, so the suitcase need to be taken onto plane directly. Currently, the airline company requires passengers or crew members to carry portable electronic devices containing lithium or lithium-ion battery cells or batteries for personal use on board as hand luggage, and the lithium content of lithium metal batteries shall not exceed 2 grams, and the rated quantity value of lithium-ion batteries shall not exceed 100WH before they can be carried on board. The lithium battery capacity of Airwheel SE3S intelligent riding suitcase is 73.26WH, and it adopts modular design, so it can be directly disassembled and disconnected without tools, and the security check can pass smoothly. The volume of the suitcase also meets the international standard specification of 20-inch boarding box, which can be boarded with, no need to check in. The case lock uses the internationally accepted TSA customs code lock, which can avoid violent opening and loss of property.


Airwheel Se3S rideabled luggage


Reason 5: Strong enough

Airwheel SE3S intelligent rideable luggage shell is made of imported German PC laminate + Taiwan Chi Mei ABS material, strength, toughness, and scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, waterproof, not easy to deformation, easy to clean.The case body is reinforced with a patented frame, made of 6-series high-grade aluminum alloy and made by applying one-piece molding technology, which can fully support the case structure and carry up to 110kg. For users of regular weight, they can ride with confidence and store with peace of mind.


Airwheel Se3S rideabled luggage


It can be said that every design of Airwheel SE3S smart suitcase is from the actual needs of the trip, giving a very excellent intelligent journey experience. If you also have the same needs, then hurry up to equip yourself with upgrades .

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