Airwheel Z8
Design Function Parameter

Eye-catching externality

The eye-catching externality makes you be the center.

  • Light magnalium frame

    Do you believe that? The 6.5kg item weight can bear up to 75kg, thanks to the light and tough magnesium frame.

  • 6.5kg

    Item weight

  • 75kg

    Maximum load

Adjustable operating rod

Due to the adjustable operating rod, Z8 is suitable for the whole families.


Numerous tests show Z8’s pedals enjoy good strength and toughness, allowing riders to have a more carefree riding process.

3.2 inch tiny wheel made of Polyurethane

Z8 is equipped with specially designed tires, featuring wear-resistance and unique tread pattern design, so that Z8 is capable of conquering various road conditions.

A safety design in trail—3M reflect light

Such design makes riding safer at night.

Concise design

Car-level painting tech

Such complicated tech lengths Z8’s service life and keeps its stylish appearance like a new one.

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