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The S3 2-wheeled electric scooter best selling product in the market in 2014 when the great buying binge in the industry, everyone on this scooter is very curious, but not many opportunities to know the scooter, small series below will take you to meet the smart scooter community leader.
S3 is Airwheel self-balance of power the first smart scooters, equipped with handles. Smart scooters are very popular in market conditions, Airwheel launched surprise has been a steady stream of new products.
S3 of scooter heavy only for 22.4KG, this for a scooter double of smart since balance scooter was can said is reached has unprecedented of super thin concept, is can so thin, because S3 of design in select material select of is currently global most solid and thin of polymer PC material, overall reduction heavy, because is portable smart scooter, so in weight of control is important, like live in senior of consumers, in mention scooter into elevator or stairs of when, is cannot has overweight cannot load of feels of, this point S3 2-wheeled electric scooter do have compared good, than market other double smart since balance scooter are do have good.
S3 detail is exquisite and highlighted, not only the bright LED lights on the joystick, and also has a soft like baby skin silicone handles, shot Khan in the summer time won't cause sticky problem, not cold in the winter, do not want to hold up materials from nature, even a child, nor afraid of material damage to the body, what.
It says what the hell is the magic lantern? Everyone are knows Happy Valley lamp's, actually S3 of magic lantern is this meaning, S3 of manipulation Rod is has magic lantern, while is to can in appearance increased fashion sex, does not too plain, on the is to can increased night driving of security, in night travel of when open Happy Valley lamp, can up to warning role, avoid suddenly rushed out of pedestrian and vehicles.


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Airwheel S3 self balance electric unicycle stylish sporty, sleek curves and vehicle model very much like a work of art, every size, every curve, is the result of precise design for designers, and originality. In terms of their sexual feelings, S3, ergonomic, our daily habits, fashion styling, comfortable feel, every detail to highlight Airwheel power of exquisite craftsmanship and unique design.


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Airwheel S3 is such an intelligent ultra portable balanced scooter, compared with the wheelbarrow, S3 has a little "scooter" look than scooters of four wheels, S3 2-wheeled electric scooter and it looks light a lot, especially in the use of S3 without petrol, energy saving and environmental protection, are those who want to choose "light" of choice for fashionistas.

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