An overall look at the development of the Airwheel electric unicycle

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In the section as a whole, the design of the electric unicycle abides by the principles, portability, eco-friendly feature and easiness to learn. On one side, from this prospective, the electric unicycle will keep a high momentum in the near future. These principles, particularly eco-friendly feature, will guide the development of the electric unicycle. On the other side, out of competition and the pursuit of business profit, there are a lot of competitors to crop up in this sector. In the light of both sides, anyone who intends to be competitive in this sector should make a difference by further innovation and ground-breaking technique to dominate the market.

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The one wheel scooter is prevalent in the domestic market as well as the overseas market. In terms of the overseas market, Euro-American countries are the main target market, and South-East Asian countries come second. Obviously, the market prospect is related to the economy and population-the local economy and the number of population are positively related to the prospect of market.

Given the large population, the robust economy and the growing awareness of environmental protection in Southeast Asia, these countries will become the largest target market in the future. Thus, the main objective of current promotion in Southeast Asia is to pave the way for penetrating the promising local market.


Airwheel,electric one wheel,one wheel scooter,electric unicycle


An easy conclusion can be drawn that the prospect of the 2-wheeled electric scooter sector is clear and promising in the short run whereas the prospect in the long run remains uncertain. Any competitor who’s content with what he/she has achieved is doomed to lag far behind in this sector in the future, as the continuous innovation makes or breaks the sector. Therefore, it is wise for a scooter-maker to keep an eye on the Southeast Asian market in the process of furious competitions in the Euro-American market.

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