Airwheel Q3 self-balancing electric scooter Review: Putting Airwheel Q3 to the Test

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Abstract: Airwheel Q3 is a twin-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter with improved rolling stability. It's a cool device and it doesn't cost you much effort to get master of it.

Airwheel, electric scooter,self-balance unicycle

It wasn't until recently that I had the opportunity to try the Airwheel for myself. I bought Airwheel Q3 a couple of days ago and it came with an instruction booklet, air nozzle extender and an auxiliary safety strap. The Airwheel Q3 looks very similar to a electric scooter. One of the main structural differences is that the Airwheel has no seat and your feet and ankles are the only thing in contact with the platform. The device is powered by a battery and steered by your body inclination.
I found the battery was already charged so I started to learn how to ride it immediately after inflating the tyre. Similar to a bicycle, the Airwheel is difficult to balance at a standstill. Unlike a bike however, the Airwheel generates its speed from the way you lean. A slight tilt forward will cause you to move forward. Leaning back on your heels will reduce your speed and further backwards pressure will put you in reverse. It seemed a bit hard to balance on the wheel, but fortunately I didn't find it as difficult to learn as I had imagined it. It only took me about 15 minutes to get the hang of it. I used the walls to assist me at first to get on the wheel.

Airwheel, Q3 electric scooter, self-balance unicycle

If I was losing my balance I just stepped off and let it fall sideways. The wheel stopped spinning in a few seconds. After seven or eight attempts, I successfully get the wheel rolling. I think the important part is that once you've got on the wheel, you must gain the speed as soon as possible by leaning your body forward. If you don't get the momentum in time, you'll lose your balance easily and fall. It took a while for me to get really comfortable with the riding. After 30 minutes I could hop on, start going, stop and hop off confidently. Pretty tired after that. Some muscle ache the next day.
I think I can go shopping on the Airwheel self-balance unicycle. To me, the speed is just right. Fast enough to have fun yet not too fast to hurt myself.

electric scooter,self-balance unicycle

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