Airwheel self-balance unicycle Shines at 2015 Primavera Fashion Day Meet Airwheel in Trieste Italy

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Abstract: Airwheel arouses the curiosity of the fashion people at 2015 Primavera Fashion Day in Italy. Its eco-friendly, fun and futuristic features are making it a worldwide trend.

The 2015 Primavera Fashion Day just got wrapped up a couple of days ago in Trieste, Italy. Apart from the routine handsome boys and dazzling girls, fashion icons, rock and dance, there was a special gadget that caught everybody's attention at this year,s event. It's the so called Airwheel self-balancing electric unicycle.

Airwheel, electric scooter,self-balance unicycle

Started in 2005, the Primavera Fashion Day is an annual event in Trieste Italy that appeals a bunch of fashion-leading celebrities each year. This year of course is no exception. As the rocking music mixed by DJ floods into every corner of the scene, stars and celebrities walk into the venue. It was really a live show as the cameraman zooms in and out to capture every excitement that may occur.

As the fashion day went on, performances become more attractive. Hip-hop performance and pole-dancing won waves of applause. When some people rolled Airwheel into the scene, the crowd got stunned. People were totally intrigued by this smart device that is so futuristic that it immediately put people in mind of the hover board in movie Back to the Future. Those celebrities were invited to take a try for this unicycle.

As we entered into a new century, the concept of fashion changes as the trend worldwide is changing rapidly. Fashion is not limited to dressing, hairstyle, jewelry any more. It has extended to housing, travel style and other aspects. Now, a few pieces of popular dresses won't make you a fashion icon. Nevertheless, a chic and novel vehicle may help you get closer to be fashionable. Maybe Airwheel can meet this kind of expectation, as it has been making a trend among the young and the young at heart. Airwheel has won enough attention with its fashionable look and smart design and most importantly its gyro-controlled moving form, ever since its debut in market. Airwheel is invented for the fashion of the public.

Airwheel, electric scooter,self-balance unicycle

Produced by Airwheel Technology – a leading brand in self-balancing unicycle insudtry, the Airwheel unicycle is powered by Lithium battery. Its environmental-friendly, energy-saving, low carbon features meet all expectations to a new form of personal transporter. It's fun and can be an excellent alternative to your traditional commuting tools. As a smart transporter, Airwheel combines fashion and technology in a perfect balance.

self balance electric unicycle, 2-wheeled electric scooter

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