Tired of long distance boarding gate? Airwheel SE3S motorized rideable luggage helps us to catch flight easily.

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Abstract: With Airwheel SE3S smart suitcase, not only do you get from terminal to terminal faster, you simply take it with you onto the plane and avoid the long queues at the check-in desk .

Airwheel SE3S Scooter suitcase

For sure, a race is the last thing anyone wants when travelling. But big cities also usually mean masses of people at the airport ... This stands for long waiting times at check-in or security control. Now with Airwheel SE3S carry-on smart luggage, you can travel through airport more rapidly and get to the boarding gate without any difficulty. Airwheel SE3S riding luggage is equipped with powerful motor wheels and a complete electric drive structure, which realizes riding function. Travelers can ride it at any time and travel at a speed of 13km/h. Sit and go. Press the button in the right handlebar to go forward and press both to reverse. They no longer have to walk through the airports, stations and other places where there is no suitable means of transportation. Its body is made of quality PC film + ABS material, which is waterproof, wear-resistant and not easily deformed; the structure is also made of patented aluminum to ensure a load-bearing capacity of 110kg. 

Airwheel SE3S electric luggage

Airwheel SE3S suitcase electric scooter meets the general regulations made by major international airlines. Its volume conforms to the international standard of 20-inch boarding box. It has a square shape and can be easily placed in the luggage compartment of the aircraft. As the power source, the lithium battery has a capacity of 73.26Wh and adopts removable modular design. It can be quickly disassembled before security checks. Plus, the battery is designed with USB charging port, which can charge mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets and other electronic devices anytime and anywhere, making the journey more comfortable.

Airwheel SE3S rideable suitcase

Airwheel SE3S robotics suitcase lock uses the international TSA code lock. This is especially important for the travellers who fly around for a long time. In addition to its powerful functions, there are different colors available, Nebula White, Dream Purple, Fire Extraction Rock Black, and Silver. There is always one that suits you.

Airwheel SE3S Smart suitcase

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