Allow the Airwheel SL3C carry-on smart luggage to change your travel experience(Chapter 1)

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Abstract: In recent year, we've seen the smart luggage category grow dramatically. Airwheel has launched another smart suitcase SL3C, besides the previous rideable luggage and auto-following suitcase.

After the popular SE3S, SE3miniT rideable motorized luggage and SR5 auto follow suitcase, Airwheel released another model SL3C-featuring amazing appearance and shinny functions.

Airwheel SL3 travel luggage

Among Airwheel's various types of smart luggage, SL3C NFC luggage can definitely be the most shinning model. There are various colors available, Nebula White, rose pink and glacier blue, which can fully meet different preferences.In addition to the color, the Airwheel SL3C light smart suitcase is also equipped with ambient lights and ranger lights, allowing users to show a colorful side in a dark environment. It can flexibly adjust the color and lighting effect of the ambient light and the ranger light through the specially developed smart APP. There are eight colors and three special effects, and dozens of different lighting displays can be combined to fully display your personality.

Airwheel SL3 fashion luggage

The smart APP equipped with Airwheel SL3C light smart luggage can also realize the smart unlocking function. Compared with the turntable unlocking of traditional luggage, smart unlocking does not require memorizing the password, and can quickly unlock the box through a mobile phone. The operation is simple, and it can also avoid the embarrassment of forgetting the password of the luggage without traveling for a long time. It has two modes: NFC unlocking and Bluetooth unlocking. The former can be easily unlocked by touching the "NFC" logo on the luggage with a mobile phone within a distance of 10cm; The lock of the control box is automatically opened within the distance, which is very convenient. The box lock adopts the internationally accepted TSA customs lock, which can avoid violent unlocking and keep the journey away from trouble and unpleasantness.

Airwheel SL3 digital luggage

The "smart search" function is mainly used for finding your luggage after getting off the car/airplane. A buzzer is integrated inside the SL3C carry-on smart luggage. When the user activates the "smart search" mode through the smart APP, the suitcase will beep immediately to remind the user to pay attention and find his suitcase more quickly.

Airwheel SL3 Smart luggage

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