How to make your next travel easier and more comfortable?

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Abstract: During the journey, the most exhausting thing is the luggage that has to be dragged. The bulky luggage brings supplies, but also limits the passion and experience. Airwheel SE3S was born to solve this problem.

Airwheel SE3S electric luggage

Airwheel SE3S scooter luggage is equipped with a powerful motor wheel, which can ride at a speed of 13km/h under the drive of electricity. Moreover, it also sets up with a speed gear. In addition to the high gear, there is a safer low gear mode. It means it not only suitable for adults, but also children.


Airwheel SE3S smart luggage

Everyone can sit on and go, as it’s super easy to use. Automatically switch from the normal dragging mode to the riding mode with just one button. Meanwhile, its intelligent handle used for control integrates the functions of acceleration, braking and reversing. The right handle is used to control the forward, the left handle is used to control the brake, and the control can be reversed at the same time. The push rod motor used to switch between riding and towing is also small in size and guarantees greater torque. Not only can it be telescopically folded with one button, but it has also been professionally tested, with long service life.


Airwheel SE3S electric luggage

In order to bring more convenience to the journey, the Airwheel SE3S rideable suitabse is also designed with dual USB charging ports, which can be connected to data cables to charge electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and Bluetooth headsets. It adopts a modular battery design, which can be quickly disassembled without tools, and the battery capacity is 73.26WH, which meets the boarding regulations and can quickly pass through the security check without affecting the normal use of the luggage.


Airwheel SE3S electric luggage

Taking into account the long-term riding, the strength of the Airwheel SE3S Scooter suitcase has also been strengthened, with its shell made of PC film and ABS material, which is waterproof, wear-resistant, not easy to deform, and has strong strength and compression resistance. The frame adopts a special aluminum alloy frame, which is made of 6-series high-grade aluminum alloy and is made of one-piece molding technology.

So how to make your next travel easier and more comfortable? Let Airwheel SE3S smart suitcase accompany with you. 

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