"Huge increasing" of smart riding suitcase, AIRWHEEL promotes future travel changes

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The trolley suitcase has been around for 36 years since it came out in 1987. Perhaps it has become the main equipment in the current journey, and it has become a habit, but there is still space for improvement, and changes will eventually come.

With the rapid development of intelligent technology, from mobile phones to refrigerators, TVs, etc., more equipment is undergoing the changes of intelligence, and luggage is no exception. It is no longer about changing the shape, color, pattern and material of the box, nor the pursuit of lightweight and luxury brand image. AIRWHEEL has added more technology to the luggage market, creatively bring a more convenient and technological future travel mode - smart riding suitcase

Airwheel smart luggage

AIRWHEEL specializes in artificial intelligence, IoT sensing, robot deep learning, multi-dimensional transportation and other technical fields. It has established a Europe technology and R&D center in Brussels, and maintains close cooperation with many universities and research institutes , actively practicing the concept of "intelligence makes life more free", hoping to achieve bold breakthroughs and industrial chain layout of intelligent technology in more traditional fields. At present, AIRWHEELK products sell well in 68 countries and regions around the world, have more than 400 patents, and have won two international IF design awards.

The strength on the technology is an important advantage of AIRWHEEL smart riding suitcase. it can inject more possibilities into the market. With precise understanding of user habits and future technologies, AIRWHEEL has equipped the traditional luggage with an intelligent control system, so that the luggage not only used for storage, but can also be turned into a rideable transportation equipment. Such a new application has brought great changes to the journey. It is no longer necessary to drag a normal suitcase to run around in huge airports and stations until exhaustion. Now The riding is comfortable and the speed can reach 13km/h.

Airwheel electric luggage

For the smart riding suitcase, the realization of "ridable" does not mean that it is done. "Suitcase body strength", "difficulty in getting started", and "passable in multiple scenarios" are also the key! It can become an important start for the intelligent transformation of luggage.

In terms of suitcase body strength, AIRWHEEL has a core patent, and use aviation-grade aluminum alloy to apply integrated molding technology to fully support the suitcase structure, so that the smart suitcase can bear the weight of every user.

For the difficult to get started, and it also has core patents, which realizes a very simplified design without exposed external lines. Users only need to control the smart handlebars to easily achieve the riding needs of forward, brake, and reverse.

For the passable in multiple scenarios, and the main core is adapted to multi-scenario vehicles. Each of Airwheel's smart riding suitcase adopts a modular design, which can be disassembled and powered off at any time without tools, which is in line with the airline's Safety requirements for lithium batteries.

Airwheel scooter luggage

If you want to promote the popularity of new product, you must ensure that it is more mature and diverse. Whether it is AI algorithm, intelligent control, intelligent application, or new energy application, ergonomics, etc., AIRWHEEL has made bold attempts in luggage, and has launched a variety of intelligent luggage through repeated innovation experiments and integration of technologies in various fields. They are not simply Copy, but provide users with differentiated functions and services through mature technologies.

Among them, there is a 20-inch AIRWHEEL SE3mini that can be accompanied by boarding. Whether it is a business trip or a vacation, it can accompany the user and fly globally;

There are also special suitcases designed for children, mainly for parent-child travel, and also have the function of "smart speakers", which can bring more fun to children's daily life;

Airwheel intellgent luggage

For the Airwheel SE3S, which has further upgraded riding comfort, can easily cope with complex road conditions such as grass, sand, and speed bumps, and has a larger wheelbase, which is especially suitable for users with long legs;

AIRWHEEL SE3T is developed for users with higher storage needs. With larger storage space, whether it is a journey, supermarket shopping or holiday camping, it can become a good companion with full power.

It can be said that each smart riding suitcase launched by AIRWHEEL has subdivided the needs of users, and provided wide choices for different user.

Airwheel smart luggage

The development of smart suitcases may only take shape at present, but judging from the selection and usage of different users in various fields such as Olympic champions, stars, and celebrities, it is bound to converge into a boom in the near future. Leading the new trend of future travel, taking over the position of the existing traditional luggage.

As the creator of a new way of travelling, AIRWHEEL will continue to innovate, promote the development and popularization of smart riding suitcase. and make life more free with intelligence!

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