Dress up the journey and create pleasant and wonderful memories with Airwheel SL3C

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Abstract: Fashionable and beautiful appearance, combined with the convenience of intelligent technology, Airwheel SL3C light and intelligent luggage will definitely be able to dress up the journey and create pleasant and wonderful memories.

Colorful design

Color is an important point in constructing the overall fashion of a suitcase. Therefore, Airwheel SL3C light smart suitcase not only ensures the simplified design, but also provides users with five color options, fire rock black and brushed silver, as well as generous and beautiful nebula white, and specially provided more challenging glacier blue and desert rose pink for trend-setters.

Airwheel smart luggage

Colorful atmosphere lights

In addition to the color of the main body of the box, the colorful atmosphere lights and PD ranger lights on the box also give users room for creativity. Airwheel SL3C colorful smart luggage has a specially developed smart APP to freely adjust the color and lighting effect of the colorful atmosphere light and PD ranger light.

Airwheel smart luggage

Smart unlocking

Via the smart APP, it can realize the two functions of smart unlocking and smart searching. Smart unlocking is mainly to solve the inconvenience of complicated operation of traditional box locks and the need to remember passwords. It supports Bluetooth connection and NFC touch unlocking. The box lock adopts the internationally accepted TSA customs lock. Even if you need to check in and out of the customs, you don't have to worry about violent inspections.

Smart search

Smart search can be used to quickly find your own suitcase after a short period of storage, avoiding troubles such as searching for too long and taking someone else's suitcase by mistake. The user only needs to open the smart APP and start the smart search mode, and the built-in speaker of the box will emit a beep sound, thus reminding the user to find his luggage at the first time. In order to make the journey more beautiful, the Airwheel SL3C carry-on luggage is also specially designed with a USB charging port, which can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets and other portable electronic devices.

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