No matter for sightseeing travel or for business travel, Airwheel SE3miniT scooter suitcase is always an assured choice (Chapter 1).

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Abstract: In recent years, in order to make up for the gap in the journey, but also to meet the traveler's higher pursuit of portability, diversity and freedom, Airwheel launched the rideable boarding luggage and today we will discuss the SE3miniT.

Airwheel SE3MiniT smart suitcase

When talking about travel, in addition to destination, route planning, etc., luggage is an important equipment, and for those who are used to taking flights, this core equipment is the boarding box can travel with. Once, a good boarding suitcase is mainly used to store the luggage needed along the way, and strong and durable enough to carry light, and now after the integration of technological innovation, the boarding suitcase can even be used to ride for walking. Today, we recommend a new technology choice different from the traditional luggage - Airwheel SE3miniT intelligent riding suitcase.

Airwheel SE3MiniT smart suitcase

The biggest difference with the traditional luggage is that Airwheel SE3miniT boarding luggage can be carried - in addition to trolley towing can also be used to ride for walking. The bottom of the box is not the traditional luggage universal wheel, but equipped with a strong motor wheel, and planning a reasonable drive structure, so that the ride becomes simple and easy to operate. When using just need to pull out the intelligent riding lever, you can ride on the go, riding speed up to 8km / h, faster than walking, but also more labor-saving. With it, facing the large airport, station, hotel, we no longer have to worry about long time walking.

Airwheel SE3MiniT smart suitcase


In order to meet the requirements of the luggage strength for a long time riding, Airwheel SE3miniT scooter luggage has adopted special patented frame design, load weight up to 110kg. It uses aviation-grade high-strength aluminum alloy as the material, and the application of one-piece molding technology to make the box frame, while the box frame and the box shell reinforced dozens of high-strength riveting, to ensure more fit without deformation. When using, you can store all kinds of items in the luggage without worrying about being crushed or damaged during long rides.

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