No matter for sightseeing travel or for business travel, Airwheel SE3miniT smart luggage is always an assured choice (Chapter 2).

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Abstract: As one of the important equipment for the journey, luggage mainly assumes the role of storage and can meet the needs of travelers to carry the necessities of life, but this is only in the past. Check the Airwheel SE3miniT luggage scooter.

Airwheel SE3MiniT smart suitcase

In today's technologically advanced world, people's needs for travel have long ceased to be simply leaving home to go to faraway places. In addition to detailed planning for destinations and hit points, travelers will also find ways to choose the right equipment to reduce the journey running, thus enhancing the experience. Airwheel SE3miniT is the option.

Airwheel SE3MiniT smart suitcase

Speaking of storage, the internal storage space of Airwheel SE3miniT smart luggage can reach 26L, which can be used to cope with the storage needs of the journey within a week. Not only is the capacity sufficient, it is also designed with reasonable functional partitioning, in addition to the main storage space, the planning of different capacity size of the storage bag, can be used to place keys, rechargeable treasure and other trivial things, easy to do the luggage is organized and convenient to take.

The lithium battery used to drive the case to move to achieve the "ride", with a capacity of 73.26WH, especially modular design, located on the side of the case, without the use of tools, can be disassembled, installed at will, very convenient. This design, in order to meet the international major airlines on lithium batteries and related equipment to make the passage specifications, boarding security checks before just a quick disassembly of the lithium battery, you can pass smoothly. Of course, the case body from the size of the international standard norms for 20-inch boarding cases, so no need to check in, can be carried directly on the plane, into the luggage compartment.

To make spring travel easier, not only the "riding" function of Airwheel SE3miniT intelligent riding suitcase, but also the "charging" function it achieves. It is designed with USB charging port on the outside of the case expansion, when the phone, Bluetooth headset, smart bracelet and other types of portable electronic devices are low on power, just connect the appropriate charging cable, you can charge anywhere, anytime, without affecting the pace of the journey and experience.

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