How to choose luggage for children aged 3-6 years? Airwheel SQ3 would be the right choice.

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Abstract: How to choose the right luggage for children aged 3-6 years? Is it concerned about the value, quality or brand? Let Airwheel SQ3 intelligent children's suitcase answer your questions.

Airwheel SQ3 smart Kids suitcase

Airwheel SQ3 is a rideable intelligent children's luggage launched specifically for children. Its riding function, can help children in the spring journey more easily on behalf of walking, and riding speed 5km / h, just the same as the adult walking speed, easy to achieve a consistent pace between parents and children. With this strong help, the child is no longer tired, and parents do not need to hold the child frequently during the trip, so the natural experience will be greatly enhanced.

Airwheel SQ3 smart Kids suitcase

During the trip, usually we will choose to schedule more time just in case, which is often boring for the child. For this reason Airwheel SQ3 intelligent children's suitcase is specially integrated with high-fidelity speakers, which can be used to play music, stories, children's songs and other kinds of audio files for children. And, it also supports TF card reading and Bluetooth connection in two ways, you can choose a suitable way for the current journey.

Airwheel SQ3 smart Kids suitcase

Airwheel SQ3 rideable scooter suitcaseM ensures safety from a number of details. Its box corners adopt a rounded curved design, without an angle, and the use of the process can effectively avoid bumps and injuries; box frame is reinforced with a one-piece molding frame, load up to 40kg, so that a long ride will not cause box deformation; rear wheels are built-in self-generating light beads. It will emit a dazzling light, suitable for night and other dark environment riding use, and can remind the attention of passers-by around; The rear wheel has a built-in self-generating light bead, which emits a dazzling light when it turns.

There are three bright colors available, prince blue, princess pink, ivory white, to meet the different preferences of different children. At the same time, the box is also equipped with DIY stickers, giving the child enough room to create, so that they can dress up their own personalized luggage.

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