Airwheel H3TS+ power chair provides opportunity for more people to go out and participate in more daily activities

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Abstract: In order to solve the problem of travel difficulties of people with limited mobility, many technological products have been created to take them out of their homes, allow them to go out and participate in more daily activities to ensure that they can experience the same freedom of travel and life as others.

The Airwheel H3TS+ smart wheelchair is able to move forward at a speed of 6km/h driven by electric energy, which is easier than traditional manual wheelchairs and requires no effort at all when moving forward. The rear wheels are equipped with 12.5-inch shock absorbing pneumatic tires, which have good grip and are highly adaptable to uneven road conditions such as gravel roads, speed bumps and grass, as well as ensuring strong climbing and slope parking capabilities to meet the needs of most daily travel situations.

Airwheel H3TS+ smart electric wheelchair


The Airwheel H3TS+ intelligent wheeled robot also implements an adjustable warm and cold seating system, allowing users to experience a comfortable temperature in the hot summer or cold winter months. Moreover, it has developed a multi-functional massage function to help relieve stiffness and fatigue brought about by prolonged sitting.

Airwheel H3TS+ intelligent wheelchair especially realizes three remote control options, namely Bluetooth remote control handle, exclusive APP, and installation-free WeChat app, any one of which can control the wheelchair forward, backward, and steering within the 8-meter barrier-free remote control distance, and can realize such functions as quick lighting of headlights, horn warning, and one-touch folding, so that users can more independently control the wheelchair and It allows users to control the wheelchair and their own travel life.

Airwheel H3TS+ smart electric wheelchair


Whether it is for daily travel to connect to other transportation or for home storage, the H3TS+ foldable wheelchair can be folded, which can bring great convenience to use. For more convenient operation, the body is designed with electric folding joints, which can be folded/unfolded automatically with just one button. With the remote control function, users with limited legs can easily fold/unfold the wheelchair without getting up to meet storage or use needs.

In terms of braking, it specially adopts EABS electromagnetic brake, which is not only able to brake instantly and efficiently, but also extremely simple to operate, so it can easily stop on the slope. The wheelchair automatically beeps to alert passersby to avoid collisions.

Airwheel H3TS+ smart electric wheelchair

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