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    • Airwheel H3TS+ electric wheelchair
    • With excellent R&D strength in smart technology, keen market insight and rich experience in implementing smart products, Airwheel has become an international smart wheelchair manufacturer. At the same time, Airwheel is also a smar...

    • Airwheel H3TS+ electric wheelchair
    • Recently, Airwheel announced its new generation of service-oriented sit-and-recline intelligent wheelchair robot, Airwheel H3TS+, offering a choice of intelligent care systems built with cutting-edge technology for the growing num...

    • Airwheel SQ3 smart luggage
    • Airwheel SQ3 is specially developed for children aged 3 to 6. It is easy to feel tired if they want to keep up with parents during travel, so the "riding" function is especially required. Its riding speed can reach 5km/h, which is...

    • Airwheel SR5 Smart suitcase
    • Airwheel smart luggage
    • The trolley suitcase has been around for 36 years since it came out in 1987. Perhaps it has become the main equipment in the current journey, and it has become a habit, but there is still space for improvement, and changes will ev...

    • Airwheel SR5 smart luggage
    • The reason why it can bring a lightweight experience to the journey is that when the Airwheel SR5 intelligently follows you, it does not need to be dragged by a lever like a traditional luggage.

    • Airwheel H3T electric wheelchair
    • Airwheel H3T electric wheelchair
    • Airwheel SE3S smart luggage
    • A good suitcase can last years or even decades, so it’s important to choose one that will serve you well, whether you’re jetting off to a faraway destination or driving down to your favourite  seaside spot. Here are several matter...

    • Airwheel H3T electric wheelchair

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