Make travel easy and safe, hi tech - configuration is not furnishings

  • Source:Airwheel

  The fast development of modern science and technology,the basic necessities of our life food,cloth and commodities has changed our daily life. we can use handphone to internet survey, and operation multi-platforms by one key only, even the travel has become a fashion.

  we have to say, as the society keep progress, more and more high technology emerge as the times , and people become more lazy, no patience, waiting the red and green light, traffic ,all of this has driving people to be crazy, the miserable is meet this two things when you travel.

  You can browse the internet any time on your big screen phone, pursue and admired by people, because people getting lazy , lazy to communication, lazy go out , even lazy to read a newspaper, people leave computer will eliminate a tons of Internet geek, but the mobile, but the popularized of mobile phone brings too many heads-down tribe.

  The car convenient people go out, but also bring another problem, for example the air quality problem, such as the transportation, by this item, the car is not the best tool for travel, looking to the future, we need to change and choose a suitable transportation tool.

  Airwheel new launched self balancing scooter, is basic by aviation attitude principle and fuzzy algorithm and gyroscope R&D intelligence high tech transportation,besides the cool Appearance,still have some unexpected function make people eye-opening.

  The flickering enviroment light, it remind people prompt functions during night ride.

  Airwheel two wheeled intellegent scooter S3, there is an atmosphere Led light on control shaft, which made the scooter more safty riding during the night because of the twinkle light

  mobile music connect

  Open mobile phone, via Bluetooth and the aierwei intelligent self balancing car connection, and then through the mobile phone to play music. The speaker of the S3 super bass can bring users super sense, was in large concert. Song playback function like everyone, not only in time to ride is not boring, even when at home can use S3 when the speaker, kill two birds with one stone.

Make travel easy and safe,  hi tech - configuration is not furnishings

  Dustproof,water resistant and leakproof shell

  There will be some bumps and dangerous during the cycling, S3 has specially treatment on the shell in order to completely fully sealed off, this will secure the safety during riding, also save the travel costs, normally it is not sugesged to ride during the rainy day, because the outshell of S3 is compel sealed without water and electric leaking, so it is easy through the rainy day

  Airwheel S3 not sale by outside apperance, whatever for work or school or daily commuter, Airwheel S3 is definitely your best choice, each part of scooter,and each function are is not just a furnishings.

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