What are the highlights of the Airwheel new arrival-H3TS+ auto folding electric wheelchair?

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Abstract: The introduction of the Airwheel H3TS+ smart wheelchair can help users reduce or eliminate barriers and enhance their ability to enjoy life freely.

Airwheel H3TS+ electric wheelchair


Airwheel has built up a technology system with Drive Control System (DCS), product intelligence, cognitive intelligence and a new generation of artificial intelligence technology as its core. Let’s check out the newly released H3TS+’s new features.

The newly launched H3TS+ intelligent wheeled mobility robot incorporates technologies such as remote wireless control, multi-mode human-machine interaction, robot dexterity control, multi-mode sensing and multi-camera collaboration, providing special-needs users with a ride-on robotic mobility solution for sitting and lying down. As a wheeled robot mobility product, it helps users to move at speeds of up to 6km/h with ease and can handle all types of road conditions, both indoors and outdoors, even in highly complex situations such as narrow spaces, bumpy roads and uneven hills.

Airwheel H3TS+ electric wheelchair


The seat reclining system incorporates an ergonomic motorized articulated skeleton design, which allows the user to easily adjust the angle of the seat by simply moving the smart control box at their fingertips, allowing the user to obtain the most relaxed body posture, and to meet the needs of a variety of states such as sitting, standing and lying down, for daily mobility and napping.

Airwheel H3TS+ electric wheelchair


To further enhance comfort, the Airwheel H3TS+ motorized wheelchair also implements a seat system with adjustable cooling and heating, allowing users to experience a comfortable temperature in the hot summer months or in the cold winter months. Moreover, it has developed a multi-functional massage function to help relieve stiffness and fatigue caused by prolonged sitting.

In terms of control, the Airwheel H3TS+ folding electric wheelchair also makes full use of Airwheel's past experience in assisted driving, intelligent control bins and intelligent interaction technology to achieve "accessibility" for users from multiple angles. It simplifies and refines the controls of the robot, making it easy to understand and use at a glance, including direction, speed control and folding, so that even older users can get up and running quickly. It also offers two remote control systems, a wireless remote control and a smart app to help users control the H3TS+ robotic smart wheelchair without touching the wheelchair directly, so that it can be used in a variety of situations.

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