What kinds of changes can Airwheel H3TS+ power chair bring to your life?

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Abstract: Travel is an important part of life. For the senior ones, they are reluctant to travel, mainly because of the declining physical quality. If you are keen to go out for a break, but tend to relax rather than experience the exhaustion of a long journey, then take the Airwheel H3TS+ smart wheelchair with you.

Airwheel H3TS+ power wheelchair


The ecological layout of the architecture involves industry applications such as smart manufacturing, smart home, smart transportation and smart medical care, as well as products and services such as wheeled robots, smart vehicles, smart terminals and smart services. At present, 401 global patents and 169 invention patents have been obtained, of which 62 patents are related to intelligent wheelchair robots, which are an important part of Airwheel's intelligent ecosystem.

Airwheel H3TS+ folding auto wheelchair


Change 1: Increase the freedom of movement

Everyone wants to move around freely and without any restrictions. New smart wheelchairs are designed to allow users more freedom of movement. Airwheel H3TS+ automatic folding wheelchair helps users to move at speeds of up to 6km/h with ease and can handle all types of road conditions, both indoors and outdoors, even in highly complex situations such as narrow spaces, bumpy roads and uneven hills. It also offers two remote control systems, a wireless remote control and a smart app to help users control the H3TS+ without touching the wheelchair directly, so that it can be used in a variety of situations. You can use electric wheelchairs both outdoors and indoors, offering continual assistance to people who require them.

Airwheel H3TS+ electric wheelchair


Change 2: Find New Hobbies.

With the Airwheel H3TS+ lying down electric wheelchair, you will leave depression behind. It allows you to go further and enjoy different scenery. It also implements a seat system with adjustable cooling and heating, allowing users to experience a comfortable temperature in the hot summer months or in the cold winter months. Moreover, it has developed a multi-functional massage function to help relieve stiffness and fatigue caused by prolonged sitting.

Airwheel H3TS+ lying down electric wheelchair


Change 3: Adds to your confidence

The Airwheel H3TS+ electric wheelchairs can efficiently operate with a simple joystick and have no tricky controls. All it needs is a light touch to function. You can easily adjust it and ensure that you have a relaxing time when on the seat. There is no need for the user to get worried about getting stranded while using the device. The electric wheelchairs have specific speed limits and can travel to a certain distance with their fully charged battery.

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