Airwheel H3TS+ intelligent wheeled robot offers mobility to move freely and comfortably.

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Abstract: A wheelchair is a manually operated or power-driven device designed primarily for use by an individual with a mobility disability for the main purpose of indoor, or of both indoor and outdoor, locomotion. But with Airwheel H3TS+, it not allows you to travel freely, but also comfortably with its unique designs.

Airwheel H3TS+ lying down electric wheelchair

    With so many power wheelchairs available today, choosing the right electric wheelchair for you may seem difficult. While the choices seem overwhelming, it’s important to focus on the power wheelchairs that best suit your needs. The Airwheel H3TS+ will enable you to have a more sociable life with friends and not feel so left out of everyday life.

Airwheel H3TS+ lying down electric wheelchair

   Airwheel H3TS+ smart electric wheelchair makes full use of Airwheel's past experience in assisted driving, intelligent control bins and intelligent interaction technology to achieve "accessibility" for users from multiple angles. It simplifies and refines the controls of the robot, making it easy to understand and use at a glance, including direction, speed control and folding, so that even older users can get up and running quickly.

Airwheel H3TS+ auto folding wheelchair

    It also offers two remote control systems, a wireless remote control and a smart app, to help users control the H3TS+ power wheelchair without touching the wheelchair directly, so that it can be used in a variety of situations, such as controlling the wheelchair robot to the bedside in the morning or storing and retrieving it when travelling by car.  

Airwheel H3TS+ auto folding electric wheelchair

The seat reclining system incorporates an ergonomic motorized articulated skeleton design, which allows the user to easily adjust the angle of the seat by simply moving the hand-side intelligent control box to ensure that the spine, neck, head and other body parts require a specific angle, allowing the user to obtain the most relaxed body position and to meet the needs of a variety of states such as sitting, standing and lying down, for daily mobility and napping. To further enhance comfort, the Airwheel H3TS+ auto folding smart wheelchair also implements a seat system with adjustable cooling and heating, allowing users to experience a comfortable temperature in the hot summer months or in the cold winter months. Moreover, it has developed a multi-functional massage function to help relieve stiffness and fatigue caused by prolonged sitting.

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