It’s rideable, it’s fun, it’s safe and it’s Airwheel SQ3 kids smart suitcase.

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Abstract: If travel with children, the luggage is a must. It is natural to choose a powerful, interesting and safe products, so that children are willing to carry and use. Try the Airwheel SQ3 intelligent children's suitcase.

Airwheel SQ3 smart Kids suitcase

There are three reasons to get a luggage for children:

1) To be able to specifically store children's clothing, toys, books, to avoid the inconvenience of access with adults' luggage together.

2) children's luggage size, tow bar design is more suitable for children, so they can easily carry their own items, to reduce the burden of parents.

3)It can cultivate children's independence and sense of responsibility.

Airwheel SQ3 smart Kids suitcase

Airwheel SQ3 ismart suticase is not an ordinary suitcase, and can do more than just storage! As an intelligent children's luggage that incorporates technological innovation, it is equipped with strong motor wheels that can move under electric power, without dragging, and therefore can be turned into a walking tool for children during parent-child trips, saving them from the exhaustion of traveling. Its riding speed is up to 5km / h, and adults walking speed is basically the same.

Riding operation is also very simple, so there is no need to worry about children idle because it is difficult to get started. Airwheel SQ3 mini scooter suitcase is specially developed for children aged 3-6 years old, and its intelligent riding handle has a minimalist design, with only the left and right side turnbuckles to be controlled. Among them, the right handle to control the acceleration, the left handle to control the brake, first press and hold the left handle and then press and hold the right can reverse, control the direction by turning the intelligent riding handle. Children only need to master these basics, they will be able to ride skillfully and flexibly to use.

Airwheel SQ3 smart Kids suitcase

In addition to being used for transportation, Airwheel SQ3 is integrated with a high-fidelity speakers, support TF card reading, Bluetooth connection in two ways, which can be used as a mobile speaker, play music, children's songs, e-books and other types of audio, to greatly enrich the journey play and fun.

Not only that, Airwheel SQ3 intelligent children's luggage is also presented with a dazzling stickers can be used to DIY, so that children can dress up according to their own personalities, unique to their own "cute" luggage.

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