Newest Airwheel Q3 features twin wheels, which deliver better balance and solid performance

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Commuters today are craving for a cool transport aid to weave through traffic and embrace the fun of getting around the town. The exclusive widened tire delivers great grip effect against skip at turns or brakes. Electric unicycle is gradually transcending bicycles and e-bikes as the most popular commuting tool for it has zero emission and minimum requirement of space. The prevailing of electric unicycles is bound to start a revolution of transportation.

Airwheel, Q3 electric unicycle
In this background, Airwheel was born; Airwheel was vividly focused on the environment protection and energy saving concepts, from electric unicycle and double wheeled the self balancing scooter, Airwheel is strive to extremely perfection, on the situation of domestic market are not stable and customer was not able to judge the good or bad from so many brands, the market needs more professional brand like Airwheel.

Airwheel, Q3 electric scooter
First thing first, Airwheel’s origin. Airwheel is manufactured by Airwheel Technology Co., Ltd., which is the top manufactured in this section and represents the leading concept and technology of electric unicycles.
Check out the top control panel. You’ll find it’s concisely arranged with a metal power button, 4 LED indicators and a charge port. The charge port features with misplug-proof design and a water resistant cap. Both the power button and the charge port are made by metal with longer life expectancy.


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