What changes can Airwheel H3T electric automatic folding wheelchair bring to the senior citizens?

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What changes can Airwheel H3T electric automatic folding wheelchair bring to the senior citizens?

Abstract: Airwheel H3T electric wheelchair can make getting around freer, much safer and a lot more comfortable. It’s  ideal for those looking for an easily transported, convenient to store electric wheelchair. Let’s check what changes the Airwheel H3T can bring to the senior citizens.

Change 1: worry-free travel

Airwheel H3T electric mobility scooter is equipped with intelligent dual motors with strong power, 12.5-inch inflatable rear wheel and 8-inch front universal wheels, which can move flexibly. There is a control handle showing almost all the functions and anyone can sit and ride go. Moreover, the intelligent control handle is detachable and supports left and right interchangeability, which can satisfy users with different hand habits. The 6km/h can meet senior citizens’ daily travel needs.


Change 2: Smart personal transport for senior citizens

Airwheel H3T smart wheelchair can not only be foldable, but also can be folded automatically with electric structure as a folding joint. Press one button to complete the folding or unfolding by itself, super convenient. Plus, H3T has remote control function, and three options are available, installation-free applet, mobile APP, and Bluetooth. Within certain barrier-free distance, H3T can be moved, folded/unfolded, and the headlights lit by remote control, which allows senior citizens to use it more autonomously without the help of others, and enhances the freedom of daily travel.


Change 3: Safety guaranteed

Safety is the core criterion for evaluating whether a wheelchair is worth buying. Airwheel H3T electric wheelchair uses EABS electromagnetic brakes that are different from ordinary wheelchairs. As long as the hand is removed from the smart control handle, H3T will instantly sense efficient braking, even on a slope. Stay steadily in place. When riding and reversing, the horn equipped with the wheelchair will automatically buzz to warn the passersby to avoid it; the front of the intelligent control handle is equipped with LED Illuminators, which can clearly illuminate the road conditions in low light environments; the back is also designed with anti-roll wheels, which can effectively prevent H3T electric automatic folding wheelchair from falling down when going up and down and backward.

 With an Airwheel H3Tsmart wheelchair, you'll always be in control of your independence.

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