Airwheel SE3S motorized rideable luggage customer review, from the aspects of appearance, operation, boarding and storage(Chapter 1)

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Abstract: For people who travel frequently, it can be said that every business trip is a harder journey, because every time it crosses several provinces, airports, high-speed rail stations, and taxis are the major elements of a business trip. Objectively speaking, it is really tired. The suitcases, computers, clothes, daily necessities, plus some places where airports and high-speed rail stations are particularly large, making traveller exhausted on the road. Considering these factors, Tidy has also paid attention to electric suitcases before, and he decided to start with the Airwheel SE3S electric suitcase. Tidy would like to share the use experience for your reference.

1. Appearance:

In fact, the special features of Airwheel SE3S rideable luggage are obvious from the outside. Unlike traditional suitcases, Airwheel SE3S provides conventional telescopic trolleys, as well as a front telescopic handle that can be used to control the direction. The design of double trolleys (handles) and three wheels makes the appearance very chic. The box shell is waterproof, wear-resistant, and not easily deformed; it is also reinforced with a patented aluminum frame. On the rubber non-slip handle, we can see two throttle buttons; for these two buttons, the right side is forward. Press the left side and then the right side to reverse, which can avoid wrong press during daily riding.

In addition, in order to facilitate the lifting and placing, the Airwheel SE3S robotics suitcase has a very flexible handle. It can be seen that the SE3S does not have a seat design; however, objectively speaking, there is no discomfort when sitting on it. The upper frame is very reasonable and the we feel relatively soft when sitting down.


The pull rod on the back is a completely hidden design, and the lifting is very smooth; the multiple rivets make the SE3S carry-on smart luggage look very tough, and the details are really good and professional. In the middle of the suitcase, there is a black horizontal strip area with Airwheel logo on it. It is also an LED breathing light, which is more beautiful. 

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