Is it safe? Is it easy to ride? Check the Airwheel H3T power chair review

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Abstract: Airwheel H3T electric smart wheelchair adopts a design that has become immensely popular by sporting automatic folding design, remote control function, easy operation and safety full considerations. After testing out the e-bike myself, I can see why the design is so popular over there.

Airwheel H3TS smart wheelchair

Is it safe?

Safety is the core criterion for evaluating whether a wheelchair is worth buying. In order to comprehensively improve the safety of Airwheel H3T intelligent wheelchair, it has adopted the following designs:

Airwheel H3T electric wheelchair

1. The electric wheelchair is equipped with high quality lithium battery and intelligent dual motors with strong power. With the 12.5-inch inflatable rear wheel and 8-inch universal front wheels, it can move flexibly even in a narrow space.

1. EABS electromagnetic brake, which is different from ordinary wheelchairs. As long as the hand leaves the intelligent control handle, the body will instantly sense high-efficiency braking, even if it is on a slope.

2. When riding in reverse, the horn equipped with the wheelchair will also automatically emit a buzzer warning, which can remind passers-by to avoid it.

Airwheel H3T folding wheelchair

3. The front of the intelligent control handle is equipped with LED lights, which can clearly illuminate the road conditions and help avoid obstacles in dark environments such as at night.

4. the rear side of the car body is also designed with anti-roll wheels, which can effectively prevent the wheelchair from tipping over when going up and down slopes and backwards.

Is it easy to ride?

Intelligent joystick

Airwheel H3T foldable electric wheelchair does not use complex combination function keys, but is designed with an intelligent control handle of "what do you need?" It can also be easily used when using it for the first time, which is more ergonomic, and the interaction is simple and convenient. Meanwhile, the intelligent control handle is detachable, and supports left and right interchange.

Airwheel H3T power wheelchair

1. Remote control

Airwheel H3T smart wheelchair has developed an intelligent remote control function, which can be used to select one of three options: installation-free applet, smart APP, and Bluetooth remote control handle. Within a barrier-free distance of 8 meters, the wheelchair can be remotely controlled to move, fold/unfold, light up headlights, etc.

2. Automatic folding ability Wheelchair

Airwheel H3T smart wheelchair

Airwheel H3T is foldable and also adopts electric structure as folding joints, so when it needs to be folded or unfolded, only one button is needed to wait for the body to fold or unfold itself without manual operation.

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