Are you looking for a lightweight folding power wheelchair that is easy to transport? 

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Abstract: How about one with a remote control to operate the chair in addition to the standard joystick?  Well, look no further than the Airwheel H3TS+ auto folding power chair, which is well built.

Airwheel H3TS+ power wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs play an important role in the lives of many people. However, loading these power chairs into your automobile, as an example, can be a difficult process, especially for people who live alone. Airwheel H3TS+ folding motorized wheelchairs are a great solution because they are small, lightweight electric wheelchairs and take up less room than other electric wheelchairs. Airwheel H3TS+ electric wheelchairs are powered by Li-ion batteries and use DC motors. Users can control the direction and adjust speed by using the joystick controls located on the arm. This wheelchair can be used at low speeds, good road conditions, and will handle low slope.

Airwheel H3TS+ folding wheelchair

More than that, Airwheel H3TS+ folding motorized wheelchair has a built-in cooling system in the back of the chair, and is equipped with a blower device that can blow cool air from the back of the chair to help users relieve heat. In order to cope with the cold winter, the seat cushion is equipped with a heating device, which can increase the surface temperature and open it in advance, so that the user will no longer feel cold.

Airwheel H3TS+ power wheelchair

Airwheel H3TS+ uses connecting rods, support rods, electric push rods and other structures to realize multi-angle adjustment of the chair backrest, allowing users to flexibly adjust their posture according to their own needs, from sitting to semi-reclining. In addition, the back of the chair also has a massage function. When you feel tired, you can adjust to a comfortable sitting position at any time, lean on the back of the chair, and fully enjoy the pleasant experience brought by massage and relaxation. Like other models in Airwheel family, H3TS+ is designed with a USB port , which can be used at any time to meet the charging needs.

Airwheel H3TS+ wheelchair

With H3TS+ smart power wheelchair, users can not only travel more autonomously, but also enjoy more comfortable experience, so that summer is cool, winter is warm, and travel is easy.

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