Enjoy the Cool Airwheel Riding in the Hot Summer Day - 2 wheeled electric scooter

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What is the hottest sport these days? Football or skateboard or fixed gear? Is there anything fun to go for without sweating all over in this summer? Join Airwheel player club now!

With Airwheel 2 wheeled electric scooter as company this summer, you’re free to set off on an thrilling adventure anytime you wish. Just imagine riding Airwheel through urban streets and country lanes while bathing in bright summer glow and breathing fresh air. Nowadays, more and more trenders, students and urban commuters have added Airwheel to their must-have list, because it facilitates your daily commuting as well as helps work out and it’s just so eye-catching!

"Mars Rover" and "Electric Unicycle" are synonymous with Airwheel. Let’s take a look at basic specs list and get to know Airwheel family:

Airwheel Q3:max. speed: 18km/h; battery range: 18~65km; weight: 13.7kg

Airwheel X8:max. speed: 18km/h; battery range: 18~23km; weight: 11.1kg

Airwheel X3:max. speed: 18km/h; battery range: 12~20km; weight: 9.8kg

Airwheel X5:max. speed: 18km/h; battery range: 18~23km; weight: 9.6kg

Airwheel X5 Music:max. speed: 18km/h; battery range: 18~23km; weight: 9.6kg

Airwheel X6:max. speed: 18km/h; battery range: 18~23km; weight:11.5kg

Airwheel X6 Music:max. speed: 18km/h; battery range: 18~23km; weight:11.8kg

Airwheel’s leading products, i.e. intelligent electric scooters, are names as X-series and Q-series. Airwheel Electric Scooter Technology has been dedicated into the research and manufacturing of more cutting edge intelligent product lines with no less than 50 models (in 3-4 product lines) rolled out within 3 years.

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