Airwheel Smart Electric Scooters in New Zealand

  • Source:Airwheel

  Airwheel is the international market leader in electronic unicycles. Airwheel have the biggest range of top quality electric unicycles available to customers with a full warranty and superb after sales service and support. Airwheels New Zealand and their authorized suppliers are the only legal suppliers of Airwheels in New Zealand. If you purchase from any unauthorized suppliers either in New Zealand or abroad then your warranty becomes void and you may in fact be purchasing a cheap copy which looks just like an Airwheel on the outside but uses inferior componentry and batteries which often fail, leak or even explode.

  The Airwheel is super fast to charge, and will travel many miles on a single battery charge.

  High elastic silicone fascias make the Airwheel soft, flexible and comfortable against the user’s legs, also creating a very durable and easy to clean exterior. Strong, precision aluminum pedals, with anti-slide grips easily fold up or down for use or storage. Attention to detail and quality construction ensures you can buy with confidence. This ultimate self-balancing unicycle is not only portable, but it is also environmentally friendly and completely hands free to operate. Light weight, convenient and easily controllable. The built in carry handle makes getting up and down steps very easy and can simply be stowed away anytime necessary.

  The Airwheel self-balancing unicycle transportation device is a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative means of transportation.

  The device regenerates energy back into the battery, when going downhill or slowing down. Easy to use, efficient and fun!

  The Airwheel is great for developing balance and core stability. The Airwheel has been designed and patented for multiple uses including beneficial use by the physically and neurologically impaired where balance and the ability to stand does not form part of the impairment.

  Airwheels users with mobility or respiratory issues will love to experience this new easy, fun filled transportation device. As always, please consult your doctor for specific medical advice.

  Airwheel New Zealand beats the competition for quality, cost efficiency, product durability, and fantastic performance. The units are practically silent, powerful up hills and can tackle multiple terrains.

  Airwheel New Zealand takes pride in providing the highest level of customer support. We aim to bring only the best quality products at the most competitive prices to the New Zealand consumer.

  Airwheel New Zealand offer warranty on all our Airwheel products when purchased through an approved supplier, giving our customers full peace of mind and confidence. We send our Airwheels by tracked and signed delivery.

  Airwheel New Zealand are the sole authorized NZ distributor of this new wonder product. Welcome to the future!

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