• The twin-wheeled Airwheel Q5 has an upgraded chip and the chassis is redesigned being more streamlined.
    • Airwheel Q5 is a newly released model by Airwheel Technology. Apart the multiple functions inherited from Q-series, Airwheel Q5 has an upgraded chip and improved chassis. Also it’s more powerful, which enables you to travel for a ...

    • The intelligent scooter is prevalent across the globe. Through an exhaustive analysis, the popularity owes to three features.
    • Years ago, few people heard of the intelligent scooter. Not any more, nowadays, the intelligent scooter is quite common to the masses. In the every nook and cranny of cities, you can see it everywhere. The intelligent scooter is p...

    • Airwheel’s self balancing electric unicycle Malaysia distributor will sponsor this match and provide with rich award of one thousand ringgit (USD282) and five Airwheel units.
    • Airwheel Malaysia distributor sponsors the rugby match to be held at Victoria International College on April 11 in Kuala Lumpur. Five Airwheel self balancing electric unicycle units will be provided free as prizes for the final m...

    • Как первая модель S-серии одноколесном велосипеде самостоятельно баланс Airwheel S3 это революция в рынке самостоятельного баланса скутера.
    • Airwheel окружающей среды и вам не придется педали или использовать ваши руки, чтобы управлять. AirWheel уже это время называли как ?должен иметь гаджет?.
    • Tom Antos shows us that the Airwheel is not limited for transportation, it can practically be applied for filmmaking purpose.
    • Tom Antos recently posted a video on YouTube showing how he rolls on the Airwheel when he is shooting somebody running. The Airwheel is not limited for transportation, it can practically be applied for filmmaking purpose.

    • On 11th April, Airwheel intelligent electric scooter are expected to capture considerable attention from local audience and media groups.
    • On 11th April, the Victoria International School Rugby Final is to kick off. As the official sponsor of the game, Airwheel Malaysia distributor is going to display all lines of intelligent electric scooter.

    • The first impression of Airwheel S3 is that it has a long handlebar, which makes it quite different other self-balance unicycles. But in fact, S3 has many other unique features.
    • The high momentum is expected to go on for quite a long time. Therefore, people resist asking what sets S3 electric unicycle apart from other models of Airwheel.
    • В каждом городе команда Airwheel self балансировки одноколесном велосипеде всадников были разосланы на улицы в то же время.
    • 21 – 22 марта, Airwheel всадников пришли улицы Уэльса Кардифф, Манчестер и Брайтон содействие Airwheel в футуристический персональный transporter. Этот 2 дневный тур Airwheel Великобритании сделал сенсацию в Великобритании.

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