Define the Future Commute Concept

Airwheel S3, Lastest Global Release

Humanity Design

Considerable details: anti-collision design at the back of handlebar to minimize
impact caused by scratches and collisions.


IP56 Water-Proof Rating

For water-proof concerns, the latest Airwheel S3
comes with exclusive sealed control circuits.
No matter in the train or on muddy terrains,just ride
along without worrying about water leakage.
Got Stained? Just flush your Airwheel with water.

Dynamic Contour

We give thorough consideration to the size of every bolt and every
curve so as to deliver refined exterior look and realize the
optimal functionand user experience. We are dedicated to create
better products create better products aspired by our fans.
Airwheel S3 won’t let you down.


Leading High Pressure Magnesium Casting

Natural Rubber / Silica Gel

Latest Hi-Tech PC

Aviation Aluminum

Premium Material for Premium Quality


Redefine the Future Commute

Now we raise the bar for your steering experience.
Airwheel S3 features sleek and smart exterior design,which
catches your eye at first glance.While urban commuters
are spending hours getting stuck in the traffic,Airwheelers
are getting around town freely at much lower cost.

Dual Bluetooth Speakers, Hi-Fi Sound Quality

Bass Engine Technology, Stereo Sound, Inbound Source

Intelligent Bluetooth chip, Tune in Your Trip


Dual Intelligent Balancing Chips

Original Sony Li-ion Battery Pack
Intelligent Balancing Chip,Build-in intelligent balancing
chip to maintain longitude balance.Fuzzy Algorithm &
Aviation Altitude Control Technique Escort your way
by our intelligent protecting system.
Armed by the most advanced processor worldwide
Top architecture and significant performance improvement,
capable of processing 1024M fps to monitor real-time data.


With all the exciting functions integrated,

Airwheel S3 is more than an intelligent transporter, she brings about an eco-friendly life style.

With Airwheel, You’re free to get around the town for shopping, dinner, a tour,
or a visit to your friend’s. Wave goodbye to traffic congestions
and enjoy your melodious commute. Steering at night? Just turn on the
turn signal atmosphere light to ignite your night.

Specifications Parameters Details
Motion of the Control Shaft Horizontal  
Weight 22.4kg  
Max. Speed About 18km/h Speeding alert activates at 12km/h
Max. Range 15-65km Vary with rider’s weight, road condition and temperature
Max. Range About 15° Riders weighing 60kg get up to 18°
Battery Capacity 260Wh/340Wh/520Wh/680Wh Protection board with SOC equalization
Working Temperature -10~40℃ Best at 10°~30°C
Max. Load 120kg  
Charge Voltage AC220V50-60Hz Optional: 110V/110V-240V
Charge Time 260Wh: about 180min 90min to 80% full
  340Wh: about 250min 160min to 80% full
  520Wh: about 360min 200min to 80% full
  680Wh: about 470min 250min to 80% full
Size 1280*613*587mm  
Tire Size 14 inches  
Platform Height 223mm  
Chassis Height 70mm