Airwheel H3PS electric automatic folding wheelchair: don’t let limited mobility keep you from exploring your world.

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Abstract: Smart wheelchairs are emerging products in multiple fields such as comprehensive medical equipment, artificial intelligence, and system integration. So don’t let the limited mobility keep you from exploring the world.

Airwheel H3PS is an electric folding wheelchair with a load of 120kg and can easily ride at a speed of no more than 6km/h. The folding body adopts an electric folding design, which is more labor-saving and convenient to use than traditional wheelchairs.

Airwheel H3S smart wheelchair


The smart controller on the armrest can display various function buttons at a glance. Independent buttons are used for acceleration, deceleration, lighting, horn, etc.; the 360°smart joystick makes the hand feel extremely comfortable. Also, the controller is detachable and can be installed on the other armrest, so even left-handers can use it smoothly.

Traffic ability

The rear wheel of Airwheel H3PS power wheelchair uses a 10-inch pneumatic tire with a double-layer structure of inner tube and outer tire, with excellent shock absorption. When riding on grass and gravel roads, there is no too much bumps. For slope roads, due to the use of two sets of drive motors and one push rod motor, there is no pressure when climbing.

Airwheel H3S smart wheelchair


Airwheel H3PS electric mobility scooter adopts EABS battery brake, and it can be parked well on the slopes without slipping back. The rear wheel is designed with multifunctional anti-roll wheels, which can effectively prevent the body from tipping when going up and down or reversing. Of course, it can also be used as a support angle when folded. When reversing, Airwheel H3PS will automatically release alarm, which can warn people around and avoid unnecessary collisions. The front part of the smart controller is also equipped with LED lights for lighting.

Airwheel H3S smart wheelchair


The main frame of Airwheel H3PS medical equipment adopts an electric folding design, so the folding/unfolding operation only needs to press a button.The folding/unfolding process takes about 20 seconds. Please note that when folding, you must first press the switch on the smart controller. After seeing the indicator light is off, press and hold the "Decelerate/Fold" button, and the wheelchair will start to fold. It is the same as Bluetooth remote control and app control.

Airwheel H3S smart wheelchair

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