Choose Airwheel SE3miniT scooter travel luggage for easy journey

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Abstract: Have you ever been troubled by the movement in the airport, railway station and other places. In the absence of suitable transportation, you can only measure with your legs. The huge space will make us tired, and Airwheel SE3miniT scooter suitcase gives you a new choice. 
 Airwheel SE3miniT scooter travel luggage
Airwheel SE3miniT travel case electric scooter is equipped with powerful motor wheels that can be driven by electricity to ride and travel. It can easily replace walking, bringing a more efficient mobility option with less effort and more efficiency. The need for Airwheel SE3miniT is also more urgent for people who are easily fatigued. Considering the needs of such users of different ages, Airwheel SE3miniT is super easy to operate. Its intelligent joystick can be used when it is pulled out, and only two handles are designed for left and right. The right handle controls the acceleration, the left handle controls the brake, and the two handles are operated simultaneously for reversing.
 Airwheel SE3miniT scooter travel luggage
Since Airwheel SE3miniT carry-on intelligent luggage is mainly powered by electric energy, it must meet the relevant safety regulations of major airlines to pass smoothly. Meanwhile, the battery adopts a pluggable design. It is located outside the back of the suitcase and can be quickly removed without tools. It can pass through the security check without any problem and be carried on the plane. It is made in strict accordance with the international 20-inch boarding case standard. It can be boarded directly without check-in and placed in the luggage compartment.
Airwheel SE3miniT scooter travel luggage 
It is worth mentioning that Airwheel SE3miniT intelligent riding case also adopts the extended design of dual USB charging ports. This feature is designed mainly to solve the charging problem during the journey. Even if users do not carry mobile power, they can always charge their cell phones, tablets, Bluetooth headphones and other commonly used portable electronic devices.
Airwheel's SE3miniT electric rideable luggage is not only pressure-resistant, but also waterproof, wear-resistant and not easily deformed in daily use. The luggage frame is made of patented aluminum and is reinforced with high-strength riveting.

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