Pure Design

The latest Airwheel Q6 is set to start a revolution for commuters.
Debut as an intention-controlled sport scooter,
Q6’s killer feature is the potent power generated
by perfect coordination of the motor and intelligent
driving system. Ride the revolutionary Q6 into the future.

World’s Top Industrial Design
Optimized symmetric design composed by circles.
Solid casing plus soft silica gel pad for safe and comfortable riding.
All is for the best user experience.

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Top Configurations
In consistence with other Airwheel models,
Q6 integrates the high-efficient power strategy.
High-tech and top configuration are the key features of
Airwheel Q6. Inspired by the concept of intelligent power,
Q6 presents a brand new style of intention-controlled sport scooter.

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Master’s Exterior Design
The distinctive sport essence
As a whole, Q6’s exterior design stresses
a strong and precise contour. It exemplifies
an ideal combination of sustainability, high-efficiency,
dynamic outline and sport performance. Airwheel Q6, when
gliding on the road, impresses you by both look and experience.

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