Airwheel Q6 GeneralDesignFunctionSpecsPhotos

Pure and fashionable

Let fashion entertains you

Mute Maglev

Maglev motor adopting magnetic force is one of the newest technology, which
don’t use radial bearing, is more durable and less abrasion.

Intelligent self-balancing

Working principle of intelligent self-balancing scooter is mainly based on Dynamic stabilization,
that is to say, the self-balancing ability of scooter itself. It adopts built-in solid-state gyroscope to determine
rider’s gesture and gravity, receiving instructions from precise and high-speed CPU, which drives the motor to reach balance.

Lithium battery inside

Faster acceleration and better braking ability; the battery is featured with
1,800 recharge times,3.8 times life expectancy and 2.9 times duration
of ordinary lithium batteries, no burning, no exploding, more secure.

Kickstand · Stop whenever you want

Pioneered kickstand,avoiding collision when stops

  • Kickstand
  • Twin wheels

The world's first kickstand

Aluminum pedal is round design, which avoids abrasion and more durable; it also adopts
Cheng Shin Tire, which is Ten strong brands of international tire brands.


Battery: 130wh
Charging time: 90min